Month: September 2014
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Demotion After Complaining of Sexual Harassment Still Retaliation Despite 3 Year Gap
Posted by Daniel Herbert DUI/Criminal Defense
The United States Court of Appeals found that the District Court improperly dismissed a discriminati ...
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Police Stop O.K. Because Car In Wrong Place At Wrong Time
Posted by Daniel Herbert DUI/Criminal Defense
A defendant who was arrested in a vehicle that contained a gun filed a motion to suppress the search ...
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Injury Suffered While Exercising Off Duty Deemed Compensable
Posted by Daniel Herbert Workers' Compensation
Can an officer obtain duty disability benefits for an injury sustained while working out off-duty? I ...
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Public Safety Officers Are Entitled To A Lawyer When Ordered To Provide Written Statement To Allegations
Posted by Daniel Herbert Uncategorized
It is well-settled that that a police officer is entitled to legal representation during an investig ...
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