Month: March 2016
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PERF’s ‘Guiding Principles’ Seem Set By Public Opinion
The pendulum is swinging fast and it will take down anyone standing in its way. Uses of force polici ...
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Disrespectful Speech May Be Protected by Labor Laws
Posted by Dan Herbert Uncategorized
The Borough of Carteret, NJ and Local 47 Police Benevolent Association are parties to a collective b ...
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Question About Use of Force Incident Triggers Right to Representation
New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association represents correctional offic ...
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Not All Untruthfulness Should Lead to Termination
Posted by Dan Herbert Uncategorized
Thomas Wetherington was a trooper for the North Carolina State Patrol. In 2009 he made a traffic sto ...
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Firefighter Loses Million Dollar Discrimination Verdict on Appeal
Posted by Dan Herbert Employee Discrimination
Jabari Jumaane, an African American, began working for the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1986. He s ...
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Officer’s Off-Duty Conduct at Abortion Clinic Not Protected by Free Speech
Dick Lalowski was a police officer for the City of Des Plaines, Illinois. Lalowski was working his o ...
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Trooper’s Indictment Dismissed Because of Garrity Violation
Posted by Dan Herbert DUI/Criminal Defense
Scott Reps was a trooper for the Minnesota State Patrol. On 7/4/14 he was dispatched to an accident ...
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