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Chicago Civil Rights Attorney Defends Accusations of Police Misconduct

Our experienced attorneys defend police officers who have been accused of police misconduct and civil rights violations, and we provide legal advice and representation in a full range of police liability cases in all levels of state and federal courts. From routine arrests and due process violations to allegations of excessive force and even high profile shooting incidents, like the Jason Van Dyke case, we are the civil rights lawyers Chicago’s finest workers turn to when they need a tough litigation lawyer on their side.

Successful civil rights defense requires knowledge and a deep understanding of the duties of law enforcement, police procedure and policy, and the legal system. Our attorneys have that knowledge and we are dedicated to uncovering all of the evidence, thoroughly investigating your case and reviewing the laws that apply to help you clear your good name. Call our Chicago law office today at 312-655-7660 for a free case evaluation.

Civil Rights Litigation Lawyer on Your Side in Police Misconduct Cases

Having walked a mile in your shoes, our lead attorney Daniel Herbert is a former Chicago police officer. He understands the overzealousness of the public in suing law enforcement officers. A quick Google search for “police misconduct attorney” will bring up a long list of civil rights attorneys clamoring to be on the side of the accuser and a precious few that are willing to take the side of the police officer. We are one of those precious few. Our lawyers have successfully defended many of these cases for members of the CPD and other police departments across the state of Illinois.

Our proven track record includes many high profile and groundbreaking cases that establish us as the “go to law firm” when police officers and other government workers need legal representation for police misconduct and civil rights allegations.

We defend law enforcement officers in police misconduct and civil rights violations lawsuits of all types including:

  • Excessive force
  • Coerced confessions
  • False arrests
  • Due process violations
  • Wrongful Convictions
  • Innocence pardons/Innocence certificates

Civil Rights Defense Strategy Can Help Avoid a Life-Changing Conviction

The most effective civil rights defense strategy begins long before you ever enter the courtroom. To prove your innocence, a civil rights defense attorney must thoroughly prepare your case by digging deep into the evidence, leaving no stone unturned, and familiarizing himself with applicable laws and previous cases and verdicts. Without the assistance of a litigation lawyer who believes in intensive case preparation, your charges could easily result in a life changing conviction.

If you’re facing allegations of police misconduct or civil rights violations, time is of the essence. Contact a civil rights attorney at Herbert Law Firm today and get your defense started right away. Call 312-655-7660 or fill out our free case evaluation form online.

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