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A Chicago Estate Planning Attorney Helps Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored

Comprehensive estate planning is essential to ensure that your assets are protected and your wishes are honored after you’re gone. When you employ the services of an estate planning attorney at Herbert Law Firm, we will carefully evaluate your wishes and needs to ensure that your goals are accomplished accurately and cost-effectively. We are dedicated to helping you create the will and/or trust that best serves your intentions while ensuring that the entire process is as straightforward as painless as possible.

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Why Do You Need an Estate Plan?

If you have not executed a will or a trust at the time of your passing that describes how you want your assets distributed, then you are said to have died intestate and the distribution of your belongings is subject to the intestacy laws of Illinois. Without an estate plan, your property and the assets you’ve worked for all of your life may be subject to unwanted fees, taxes, and probate costs. Your house and other belongings may even end up in the hands of unintended beneficiaries or the government.

An estate plan gives you the option to have your assets distributed to whomever you choose, and can help protect your property after you are gone.

Now Is the Time to Create an Estate Plan

Whether you’re young or old, you have an extravagant collection of valuable property and assets or you’ve lived the simple life, there is no time like the present to create your estate plan. Our experienced estate planning attorneys guide police, emergency responders and other Chicagoans through the entire process of planning their estates to ensure that minor children are cared for by guardians the deceased knows and trusts, that family heirlooms and sentimental property are passed on to those intended, and that property is protected from the taxes, fees and other costs associated with dying intestate.

Our Attorneys Help with Estate Planning Essentials

At the Herbert Law Firm, we draft and review all documents necessary to create a thorough estate plan to cover all of your needs. We offer assistance with:

  • Asset protection
  • Durable powers of attorney or power of attorney for finances to pay your bills if you are hospitalized
  • Power of attorney for health care or living wills
  • Last will and testament
  • Trust

Trusts Help Avoid Probate

You must have both a will and a trust to avoid the probate process. A trust accomplishes several things:

  • With assets in a trust, probate court can be avoided.
  • When you are living, your assets can be placed in a trust so that when you die or if you become very ill and incapacitated, your wishes regarding your property will be honored.

We recommend you review your estate planning documents on an annual basis to ensure that they are up-to-date, accurate and include major changes in your life, including births, deaths, marriage and/or divorce.

Contact an estate planning attorney at Herbert Law Firm today and begin planning your estate right away. Call 312-655-7660 or contact us online.

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