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On-Duty Officer Struck in Auto Accident: $100,000 Settlement

An on-duty police officer was responding to a call of a man with a gun. Although the officer was using the lights and sirens on the squad car, a vehicle collided with the officer’s car. The officer suffered a laceration to his head, pain and numbness in his fingers, and a tear in meniscus that required surgery. Our firm negotiated a settlement prior to trial for $100,000.

Minor Injured in Auto Accident: $70,000 Settlement

A minor suffered scars on the side of her face, internal ear cuts, and multiple abrasions from glass shards of glass. Her vehicle was struck in a car accident and she was wearing her seatbelt. We negotiated a settlement with the insurance company in the amount of $70,000.

Hand Fractured in Auto Accident: $54,000 Settlement

A woman was struck by a driver turning out of a business parking lot. She fractured her left hand and was unable to work for nearly four months. The Herbert Law Firm obtained over $54,000 before even filing a formal lawsuit in court.

Uninsured Driver Crashes Into Squad Car: $45,000 Settlement

A pair of officers responded to a call, turning on their emergency lights and sirens. An uninsured driver failed to yield to the squad car and crashed into it. The officer who was driving the car suffered lower back strain and had limited use of her right arm. She had over 40 sessions of physical therapy to increase her range of motion. The other officer had a rotator cuff injury and also had to attend physical therapy. The Herbert Law Firm obtained approximately $45,000 in settlements for the two officers.

Rear-End Auto Accident: $13,000 Settlement

A woman’s car was rear-ended by another driver. The accident resulted in a meniscal tear in her right knee. The Herbert Law Firm was able to obtain a $13,000 settlement for our client.

Roll-Over Auto Accident: $22,000 Settlement

In a roll-over accident, our client suffered a laceration to her hand and finger, a bruised elbow, a laceration on her forehead, and a lumbar strain. As a result she was unable to work for five days. We were able to obtain over $22,000 for our client.

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