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Human Resource Board Reinstates CPD Applicant to Eligibility List

CPD Candidate, A.C. was disqualified from the applicant list based on his polygraph examination.  It was alleged that A.C.’s conduct during his polygraph examination interfered with the examiner’s ability to reasonably gather data, and thus, warranted his disqualification based on an indication of deception.  At the hearing, we were able to prove that A.C. did not intentionally interfere with the polygraph examination and he was erroneously disqualified.  The hearing officer and the Human Resources Board both agreed that A.C. should be reinstated to the eligibility list for the position of police officer with CPD.

Felony Charges Dismissed

Client was arrested in part of a theft ring from railroad cars. Client was arrested in a sting operation and charged with multiple felonies. Our firm was able to have the felony charges dismissed and client given a misdemeanor. 16 CR 17706

Candidate Returned to CPD Eligibility List

CPD Candidate R.H. was disqualified from the applicant list when he revealed that there were two incident reports for an alleged domestic disturbance. At the hearing, we were able to prove that R.H. was never arrested for either incident and was not the aggressor; and the City failed to prove that R.H.’s actions constituted any conduct indicating violent tendencies.  R.H. was immediately placed back on the eligibility list.

City Failed To Prove Felony

CPD candidate P.L. was disqualified from the applicant list after it was discovered that he had been arrested for an alleged felony hate crime. At the hearing we were able to show that the City failed to properly investigate the arrest and erroneously concluded that the arrest was a proper disqualification per the standards. The Board also noted the impeccable character and work ethic of the applicant in furtherance of its’ decision. P.L. was immediately placed back on the eligibility list.

Theft of Chapstick and Eating Marijuana Brownie Not Disqualifying

Chicago Police Applicant R.R. was disqualified from the application process of the Chicago Police Department for reasons of: criminal conduct, criminal conduct involving drugs, as well as for false statements and omissions. R.R. was disqualified for admitting during his polygraph examination that he stole a chap stick, and a pair of gloves when he was in high school; and for failing state in his personal history questionnaire that he ingested edible marijuana at a party. A hearing was held, and the Hearing Officer concluded that the City failed to prove that R.R. violated Background Standards. R.R. was truthful and credible at his hearing as he testified that he was unaware he ingested edible THC until after he ate it. The Hearing Officer concluded that the two incidents in R.R.’s background were not substantial enough to bar him from the application process . R.R., a college graduate with an excellent work history and no criminal background, was recommended to return to the eligibility list. 15 HRB 133 (2016)

Decorated Suburban Officer Disqualification From CPD Reversed

Chicago Police Applicant J.M. was disqualified from the eligibility list for the position of probationary police officer for violating the prior criminal acts section and propensity for dishonesty sections of the Department’s background standards. A hearing was held and it was determined that the alleged criminal acts cited for reasons of disqualification were not in violation as they occurred over 10 years ago, that using a fake I.D. over 10 years ago did not prove J.M. had a propensity for dishonesty, and that J.M. did not falsify or omit information of a family member’s involvement in a fraud case. J.M., a college graduate, and police officer of a local suburban police department, was immediately returned to the application process. 15HRB043 (2016)

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