Real Estate Litigation Attorneys in Chicago

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

The largest purchase or sale you may ever make in your lifetime is likely to involve real estate. From the initial purchase to the final sale, the real estate litigation attorneys in Chicago at Herbert Law Firm can help you make certain that your investment is secure and your best interests are protected.

The real estate lawyers at the Herbert Law Firm will work with you directly, beginning with the negotiations, through drafting the contract, and through the closing. We will help with ordering and reviewing titles, surveys and other reports, issuing title insurance, and reviewing financing options.

Civil Rights Litigation Lawyer on Your Side in Police Misconduct Cases

Having walked a mile in your shoes, our lead attorney Daniel Herbert is a former Chicago police officer. He understands the overzealousness of the public in suing law enforcement officers. A quick Google search for “police misconduct attorney” will bring up a long list of civil rights attorneys clamoring to be on the side of the accuser and a precious few that are willing to take the side of the police officer. We are one of those precious few. Our lawyers have successfully defended many of these cases for members of the Chicago Police Department and other departments across the state of Illinois.

Our proven track record includes many high profile and groundbreaking cases that have established us as the “go to” law firm when police officers and other government workers need legal representation for police misconduct and civil rights allegations.

We defend law enforcement officers in police misconduct and civil rights violations lawsuits of all types, including:

Real Estate Legal Representation For Buyers, Sellers, Investors And Landlords

Real estate law covers a wide scope of transactions, and our attorneys are well-versed in all of them. We can assist with all types of real estate transactions, including:

Residential and Commercial Closings.

The final step of a real estate transaction requires careful scrutiny of documents and paperwork to ensure that your best interests and rights are protected. Our real estate attorneys will make sure that you understand every document you sign, and that the closing process goes smoothly and in your favor.

Residential and Commercial Leasing.

Our real estate litigation attorneys in Chicago can help negotiate leasing contracts, provide advice about their terms and explain paperwork that needs to be signed.

Land Use and Zoning.

 We can help you navigate land use and zoning issues, whether you need to understand current zoning laws or obtain permission to build.

Banking and Financial Services.

Real estate transactions involve many complex financial legal documents and/or loan agreements. Our attorneys can help negotiate loans, offer advice or draft documents

Property Tax Appeals.

If you feel that the city’s property tax increase has been incorrectly assessed on the value of your home, our attorneys can help you navigate the appeals process.


If you’re involved in a real estate matter that requires litigation, our aggressive real estate lawyers in Chicago will be your advocate in court.

If you are considering buying or selling property, give our real estate litigation attorneys in Chicago a call today at 312-655-7660 for a free consultation.

Civil Rights Defense Strategy Can Help Avoid a Life-Changing Conviction

The most effective civil rights defense strategy begins long before you ever enter the courtroom. To prove your innocence, a civil rights defense attorney must thoroughly prepare your case by digging deep into the evidence, leaving no stone unturned, and familiarizing himself with applicable laws and previous cases and verdicts. Without the assistance of a litigation lawyer who believes in intensive case preparation, your charges could easily result in a life changing conviction.

If you’re facing allegations of police misconduct or civil rights violations, time is of the essence. Contact a civil rights attorney at Herbert Law Firm today and start your defense right away. Call 312-655-7660 or fill out our free case evaluation form online.

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