A Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney and Former Police Officer to Help Prove Your Innocence

If you’re a police officer who is facing criminal charges, it’s important that you have a criminal attorney you can identify with, who understands the perspective of the prosecution, and who aggressively protects your rights. Regardless of the allegations you may be facing, this unique angle will help ensure that your case is investigated thoroughly and every available legal option is pursued. Led by a former Chicago police officer and Cook County Prosecutor, our lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of officers in their time of greatest need. Utilizing our police and policy knowledge and experience to challenge the prosecution’s case against you, we thoroughly investigate the facts and research the law to establish your innocence.

Protecting the Rights of Those Facing Criminal Charges

No case is too big or too small for the defense attorneys at Herbert Law Firm. Our team is experienced with handling all types of criminal cases and our versatility has proven highly effective. From traffic violations to high-profile cases like the Officer Van Dyke murder case, our attorneys focus intensely on each case to ensure that the rights of Chicagoans are not violated.

Let our uniquely qualified perspective assist you in any of the following criminal matters:

Police Are Not Immune to Legal Problems

Chicago’s finest workers are generally held to the highest of standards. Under the close scrutiny of the public and the media, police and other emergency responders are often victims of false allegations, misunderstandings, and misconstrued evidence. In these situations, they are sometimes charged with crimes that, if convicted, could result in life-changing consequences. Our criminal defense lawyers will leave no stone unturned to prove your innocence.

Whether you’re facing charges of murder or manslaughter, or a traffic violation or DUI charge is wreaking havoc on your life, we invite you to contact a criminal defense lawyer at Herbert Law Firm for a free consultation today. Give us a call at 312-655-7660 or fill out our free case evaluation form online.

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    Our team is experienced with handling all types of criminal cases and our versatility has proven highly effective.

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