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Why Choose The Herbert Law Firm

Led by a former police officer and Cook County prosecutor, the team of attorneys at Herbert Law Firm offers a unique perspective when providing legal advice and services. Armed with first-hand experience in law enforcement, the knowledge that comes with civil and criminal defense in both simple and complex litigation, and a strong drive to pursue justice, our attorneys have developed a proven track record of success.

20 Years Of Experience In Various Cases

Providing legal services in a wide range of cases to thousands of Illinois residents. We have supplied clients with legal advice and representation in criminal defense cases, when facing allegations of misconduct or civil rights violations, and while pursuing financial compensation for personal injury claims. Serving on hundreds of bench and jury trials and a large number of administrative hearings, our attorneys have consistently helped Chicago residents obtain satisfactory verdicts in both state and federal courts.

Practice Areas

Civil Rights Defense

Your civil rights will be defended and represented on the highest level with the best outcome.

Disciplinary Hearings

Professional help with financial, commercial, tax disputes and other complex business issues.


Our team is experienced with handling all types of criminal cases and our versatility has proven highly effective.

Employment Discrimination

Professional help with financial, commercial, tax disputes and other complex business issues.

Family Law

We aim to support families in resolving their own disputes. We ensure professional consultancy and result.

Estate Planning

We offer consultancy services, and asset management, bringing a new vision to the world of investment.

Medical Malpractice

Your civil rights will be defended and represented on the highest level with the best outcome.

Personal Injury

We understand how to handle the complex statutory and contractual issues that frequently arise in claims.

Real Estate

We work in an open dialogue with you in order to devise the strategy which will best serve your interests.

Workers Compensation

If you’ve been injured at work, retaining the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is in your best interest.

Client Testimonials

I hired Dan to help me with a defense case and he handled it extremely well. His prices, professionalism, and communication were impeccable. I'm astounded, but not surprised, that someone would write a one-star review in regards to the Van Dyke case because of their political stance. Everyone deserves a fair trial and representation in our country! If you were not represented by Dan Herbert - don't write a bad review and try and ruin a man's professional reputation.
Rent Chicago
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"Drop a dime and Dan's in time!" Dan is a great attorney and it doesn't hurt that he looks sensational in a Sergio Georgini custom-fit suit with matching leather zip-up ankle boots. Dan helped me to make the enlightened decision not to show up on the witness stand while hopped-up on prescription medications. It sounded counter-intuitive to mine ears, but I listened to Dan and everything turned out great in the end and I was able to resume my career as a franchise-pizza-chain magician (Though even under oath, I'll never tell how I can make a cigarette go through a quarter!). Thanks, Dan!
John Glynn
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I am writing this review to tell everyone about the the terrific experience I've had with the Herbert law firm. In 2018, I was wrongfully disqualified from consideration to the Chicago police department. I hired Herbert law firm for my appeal. My attorney Kelly did a terrific job of representing me during the hearing even on less than 24 hours notice. Her defense at the hearing was excellent as she poked major holes through the city's very flimsy case which consisted of a single sheet of paper listing a few minor disciplinary actions over the course of my 11 year career as a corrections officer in New Jersey. Had it not been for masterful legal representation, my hopes of becoming a Chicago police officer would have been taken away from me, and very unjustly so. To Kelly and everyone at Herbert law firm, thank you so very much. You have done more for me than I could have possibly hoped for. If anyone is in a similar situation, I strongly recommend hiring them. You will not regret it.
D !
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For unknown reasons to this day our first lawyer slowly faded from communicating with us which cost us a great deal of time and energy, so, retaining a new lawyer wasn't something we looked forward to. We didn't know who to turn to or what direction to even look. After asking around we were eventually referred to the Herbert Law firm. Thankfully, the referral was exactly what we needed. Dan is approachable and has a personable demeanor that we felt was so important when communicating and planning to what ultimately were life-changing decisions. His team was there when Dan couldn't be and they provided the professional services and communication that helped us stay informed. We feel lucky to have had Dan and we strongly recommend Dan and his team for those needing experience and reliable representation
Bill Thompson
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Dan and his office manager, Terri, make you feel welcome the second you walk through the door. No one knows Chicago like Dan. If you have any civil or criminal legal needs, contact Dan first.
Matthew Picchietti
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Best attorney in Chicago.
The Navy Bean
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