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Former Chicago Police Officer Protects Your Reputation, Your Rights, and Your Future

Led by attorney Daniel Herbert, a former decorated Chicago police officer with nearly a decade of service, Herbert Law Firm understands the dangers of police work and the false allegations against police officers and other first responders. Continuously under the watchful eye of Illinois citizens, government officials and the media, criminal charges or lawsuits can be extremely damaging to a defendant’s reputation, career, and entire future. The attorneys at Herbert Law are here to defend you in these matters when you are accused of any wrongdoing. As a Former In-house Attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police and Cook County Prosecutor, Dan has trained his legal team to understand the perils of police work and the situations they may encounter. When you’re confronted with legal issues that may jeopardize your future, you need an aggressive Chicago defense lawyer on your side. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or accusations of civil rights violations, suffering from personal injuries, or dealing with employee discrimination, the attorneys at Herbert Law Firm are armed to defend your rights. FREE CONSULTATION

Illinois Lawyers Armed to Defend Your Rights in Personal Injury
and Criminal Defense Cases

The attorneys at Herbert Law Firm offer criminal defense, legal advice, representation for personal injury claims and other types of legal services to law enforcement officials, first responders, and their families. Dedicated to protecting the rights of those who serve and protect the citizens of Chicago Illinois, our nationally recognized firm has a track record for success in handling complex personal injury and criminal defense cases in Chicagoland. A law firm as gritty and determined as the city in which it resides, we find the same smart, tactical and willing approach that made Dan a decorated Chicago Police officer yield tremendous results for our clients in and out of the courtroom.

An Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney to Help Clear Your Name

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing emergency responders with legal defense against accusations of DUI and other crimes. Led by a Former In-house Attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police, we are the lawyers Chicago’s finest workers turn to when their futures are at stake. With experience, wisdom and a passion for the truth, our criminal defense attorneys will investigate your case, gather the evidence, and help you clear your name. We have successfully represented hundreds of police officer, firefighters and emergency response workers in criminal cases like:

  • DUI
  • Drug Charges
  • Murder/ Manslaughter
  • Assault & Battery
  • Federal Crimes
  • Misdemeanors
Success Stories
Candidate Reinstated to CPD Eligibility List

The Human Resources Board found that the City failed to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that P.R. should be disqualified for exhibiting conduct indicative of violent tendencies.  P.R. was reinstated to the eligibility list for the position of police officer with CPD.

Human Resource Board Reinstates CPD Applicant to Eligibility List

CPD Candidate, A.C. was disqualified from the applicant list based on his polygraph examination.  It was alleged that A.C.’s conduct during his polygraph examination interfered with the examiner’s ability to reasonably gather data, and thus, warranted his disqualification based on an indication of deception.  At the hearing, we were able to prove that A.C. did not intentionally interfere with the polygraph examination and he was erroneously disqualified.  The hearing officer and the Human Resources Board both agreed that A.C. should be reinstated to the eligibility list for the position of police officer with CPD.

Felony Charges Dismissed

Client was arrested in part of a theft ring from railroad cars. Client was arrested in a sting operation and charged with multiple felonies. Our firm was able to have the felony charges dismissed and client given a misdemeanor. 16 CR 17706

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