Disciplinary Hearings

The Herbert Law Firm represents law enforcement officers, government workers and union employees in departmental disciplinary hearings. Our success in law enforcement disciplinary cases is well known throughout the state of Illinois and makes us the law firm that police officers, government workers and union employees seek out when they’re in need. In fighting discipline cases, we approach each case knowing that we’re defending our client’s career and livelihood.

Led by a former Chicago police officer and Cook County prosecutor, we are uniquely qualified to represent and identify with law enforcement personnel when they face disciplinary charges. Our stellar track record can be attributed to our extensive expertise in police policy and procedure.

Civil Service and Disciplinary Hearings

Many government employers have adopted civil service protections for their employees. Civil service is designed to take politics, favoritism and nepotism out of employment decisions, and ensure that they are based solely on merit. Civil service offers specific protections to police officers and other Illinois law enforcement officers in disciplinary matters. There is a process for fighting all disciplinary actions, from minor discipline to termination.

Likewise, Illinois police and law enforcement officers have the right to a hearing by their employer before final discipline can be imposed. Even after the hearing there is an appeal process for both civil service and non-civil service officers.

Tenure and Other Special Protections for Illinois Police Officers

Tenure provides that permanent police officers cannot be fired, removed, suspended, fined or reduced in rank except for just cause. Just cause means only incapacity, misconduct, or disobedience of rules and regulations established by the department. Political considerations are exnewsly prohibited. Moreover, before any discipline can be imposed, an officer must receive written notice of the charges, a hearing, and time to prepare. 

We are proud to represent police officers, government workers and union employees who have become disabled due to the demands of their work. We understand that the nature of their jobs may be demanding and hazardous, and the toll this takes often becomes apparent long after the injuring events have occurred. 

Our practice focuses on all types of disability matters, hearings, trial and appeals for police officers and other government workers in the city of Chicago and its suburbs. We have successfully represented hundreds of law enforcement officers in disability cases, making us the ‘go-to’ law firm for Chicago police officers, government workers and union employees across the state of Illinois.

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